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Kezerk Innovations
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Virtual Experiences

Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality | Mixed Reality | Web & App Platforms We design digital experiences by understanding our audience’s instinctive digital actions, natural reactions, and their internal motivation to explore and experience. We create digital interactions through input devices such as mouse, keyboard, touch, gyroscopic sensor, camera, microphone. Taking them through a digital journey with modern web and app programming technologies.

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Live Experiences

Immersive Environments | Interactive Experiences | Interaction Analytics We tell stories through experiential environments. We warp the sense of space and time; stimulate engagements through intuitive interactions; and inspire wonder through technology. Giving the audience an experience like no other and creating memorable points of connection. Using artificial intelligence, each interaction data allows the storyteller to understand, engage and build an emotional bond with their audience.

Kezerk Innovations - founded in 2015, is an international brand experience firm.
Through technology, we tell stories and create meaningful experiences. 

We are an ensemble of storytellers, creators, designers, engineers and programmers, we strive to close the gap between imagination and reality by creating immersive and unforgettable spaces and engagements. 

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Our clients are pioneers, forward-thinking organizations, torch bearers and global influencers. Together, we create experiences that taps into some of the most basic human senses - imagination and exploration. 

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    HQ + Asia Pacific

    50D, Jalan 18/2, Seksyen 1a, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Phone: +60 16-221 5649 E-Mail:


    Stolarska 6A/7, 80-883 Gdańsk , Poland Phone: (+48) 601 068 329 E-Mail: